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On July 08th, 2023, Isuzu Vietnam cooperated with Isuzu An Viet and Vu Linh Auto successfully organized the Daily Maintenance & Inspection training for Petrolimex Hanoi Transportation Trading JSC (Petajico Hanoi) in Hanoi.

The program took place with the participation of more than 20 Drivers and Managers from Petajico Hanoi, which confirmed the practicality of the program and Petajico Hanoi’s special attention to efficiency and safety when operating a vehicle at present.

Petajico Hanoi is a fleet customer of Isuzu Vietnam and currently owns an impressively high volume of tank trucks to distribute different categories of fuel in the North. This is the first training from Isuzu Vietnam for Petajico Hanoi, but it created a profound impression on Petajico Hanoi’s managers.

Speaking at the opening of the program, the Technical Manager of Petajico Hanoi – Mr. Nguyen Van Chinh expressed his sincere thanks to Isuzu Vietnam, Isuzu An Viet, and Vu Linh Auto for conducting Daily Maintenance & Inspection for Petajico Hanoi. He emphasized that truck maintenance recommendations from Isuzu are a valuable resource to maintain and inspect vehicles daily to ensure the vehicle’s performance and safety. Petajico will leverage the practical content shared by Isuzu Vietnam, Isuzu An Viet, and Vu Linh Auto to develop a process of maintenance – inspection and promote internal training in order to improve the team of drivers’ knowledge of vehicle operation and maintenance.

Through the seminar, the trainees participated in 03 main sections as follows:

  • Instructions for daily maintenance and inspection of the vehicle from Isuzu Vietnam and Isuzu An Viet (Theory and practice)
  • Instructions for daily maintenance and inspection of special purpose system from Vu Linh Auto (Theory and practice)
  • Health Report Explanation; Q&A Section

Participants joyfully received certificates and awards from Isuzu Vietnam, Isuzu An Viet, and Vu Linh Auto.

Isuzu Vietnam hopes that the Daily Maintenance & Inspection training program will contribute to helping customers improve the efficiency of using the product. At the same time, affirming Isuzu Vietnam’s commitment to always accompany customers in every journey.


25 July, 2023

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